I shoot film.

I’ve been in a photography hiatus for a while. I got discouraged. I was lost and didn’t really know if I’ll continue with it or not. Then, I got father’s SLR Nikon FE (which is by the way older than me) and started using it. Using the digital camera for all my photographs where you don’t have to tweak a lot of the settings and you can easily view your shot after right after you took it, I was a complete noob. I had trouble with exposure settings and I wasted rolls of films just getting the “feel” of the camera. Good thing I have lots of free (expired) films from my sister. Hooray! The next bump I had was finding a good place for me to have my films developed. Growing up and living in the province, going to the city is such a hassle for me, so I didn’t have that many options. I did find a shop near my workplace but it takes a while before I get it and it’s a lot more expensive. when the shop gave me a call that my photos are ready, I got that warm kind of feeling. I was so excited. And when I finally got it, it was like opening your gifts on Christmas. I didn’t expect much in that first roll of film, I knew I messed that up but still I was happy. I did have a few favorites. Now, I have found my renewed passion for photography, film photography that is, and I want to thrive more and be better and I do  hope it will stay with me for a very long time.

I like this particular photo. It made me feel nostalgic. It even reminded me of Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara. Weird.



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